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Peyton List

Actress Peyton List dazzled at Coachella wearing Joey Baby's Vanessa Necklace. Her choice added a touch of elegance to her festival look and quickly became a talked-about accessory of the event. This endorsement amplifies Joey Baby's reputation for blending traditional craftsmanship with modern style.

Chloe Kim

Refinery29 Cover X JOEY BABY

In a recent Refinery29 interview about mental health, Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim chose to exclusively wear Joey Baby jewelry, including standout pieces like the Help Me Sully' earrings and 'Chain Chain Belt Chain 3.0.' Her style choice echoed the interview's focus on authenticity and self-expression, spotlighting Joey Baby as the go-to brand for individuals who live life on their own terms

Batsheva Haart

Netflix Show - My Unorthodox Life

Batsheva Haart of Netflix's 'My Unorthodox Life' was seen wearing Joey Baby's 'Amber Necklace,' a piece that mirrors her own journey of self-discovery and modern style. This endorsement accentuates Joey Baby's ethos of celebrating individuality through versatile design

Zaya Wade

Zaya Wade is the daughter of retired NBA player Dwyane Wade and stepdaughter of actress Gabrielle Union.

Zaya Wade, an inspiring young talent, was recently seen wearing Joey Baby's customizable 'Can You Just' necklace. This unique piece, designed to express one's feelings through custom design elements, perfectly aligns with Zaya's own journey of self-expression and advocacy.

Her choice to wear Joey Baby highlights the brand's mission of enabling individuality and personal sentiment through versatile jewelry design

Cathy Ang

Sex & The City

Cathy Ang, known for her role in the iconic series 'Sex and the City,' perfectly captures the essence of New York style with Joey Baby's Anne necklace. Ideal for everyday wear, this piece offers a subtle yet elegant flair that complements.

Its status as a must-have for those seeking to blend everyday sophistication with a touch of Big Apple chic

Saraha Hamrick

The bachelor

Sarah Hamrick, who captured hearts on 'The Bachelor,' was recently spotted in an ensemble featuring multiple pieces from Joey Baby, including the 'Chain Chain Belt Chain,' 'Amber Necklace,' and 'Anne Necklace.' Her curated look perfectly encapsulates the 'city girl after work' vibe, blending elegance with an edgy aesthetic.

Sarah's choice to accessorize with Joey Baby's versatile pieces showcases the brand's knack for creating jewelry that effortlessly transitions from the boardroom to the bar


Youtuber @Bestdressed

YouTuber Best Dressed has been making waves on social media, donning Joey Baby's Veronica' earrings across multiple platforms. Including short flim with Maja - The Manhattan Girl Story

Known for her keen fashion sense, her choice of these romantic pieces perfectly aligns with the charming and intimate moments she often shares with her audience.


Kylie Pearl Earrings - Joey Baby


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