Joey Baby Cares About The World



It's Joey - The founder of Joey Baby is here. This is a difficult time for Ukraine and the people that live there. The world is looking to find ways to help. From today, for every Fear necklace sold, Joey Baby will donate 10% (USD $5) to International Rescue Committee - Families affected by the Ukraine crisis need your help and the citizens of Ukraine deserve so much better than this.




Design is an essential language that is used throughout our society, seeping into places that we might not even realize. It is our duty as designers to continue to use this language to create, critique, and shift culture, creating a deeper understanding of how we operate and how we think about the world around us.

This often means that we are compelled to face topics and problems head on.

The design process can be rigorous, but it also pushes us to really consider who we are and what problems might need solving in order for us to thrive and maintain an edge on the rest of the world.


As always, we handmade everything on Wall Street, New York