How To Wear The Mixed Metal Jewelry Trend

All of us certainly have difference preferences when comes to styling difference  metals in our jewelry box, From styling small gold hoops like ANTONI EARRINGS HOOPS with a couple of silver piercings from your favorite jewelry designer, to stacking it all together as mixed metal bracelets, there’s no time like the present to embrace the blend of the two tones.


The visual aesthetic of mixing gold and silver pieces are so impressive. Blending the modern, elegant look of silver with the rich and more classic look of gold, turns out to they can be best friend! 
This SAKE EARRINGS have recently been featured on Marie Claire and it's part of the "The 10 Best Affordable Jewelry Brands of 2022" The concept behind the Sake Earrings is a type of unique sake cup called Guinomi ( ぐい飲み) it is quite often with silver plating outside of the cup but will plating with a thin layer of gold inside. 
In the same mixed metal collection, we also have a SAKE NECKLACE coming from the same concept of the Sake Cup  Guinomi (ぐい飲み)
If, mixed metals might not be your favorite, we have this SUKI EARRINGS for you. 
Perhaps you like to stick to minimal accessorizing or max out by stacking a wrist full of baubles. At the end of the day, jewelry has no rules and mixed metals are for everyone.
Sake Cup reference: